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What we do

In today's competitive market visualization isn’t just needed, it’s expected. Our diverse team is made up of architects, artists, photographers, designers and creative nerds who craft images, films and interactive experiences so you can blow your competition out of the water.


Our Team

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
— proverb
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Ryan Jorgensen


Ryan’s start in CG visualization began 20 years ago during his first job as a graduate, which kicked off one wild ride that took him through the industry and across borders, culminating with leadership roles at two cutting-edge visualization studios. Now as Owner and Director of The Rapid Eye Movement, Ryan focuses first and foremost on building relationships with clients, and guides them through the visualization process. When he’s not at the office you’ll probably find Ryan in the great outdoors camping, biking, hiking or river surfing.

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Daniel Nobre

Creative Director

Daniel brings 20 years of visualization experience and an architectural degree to The Rapid Eye Movement. On the side, Daniel worked as a freelance photographer where he sharpened his keen eye for style, color and lighting. As Owner and Creative Director, Daniel takes pride in keeping up with current industry technologies and is always on the lookout for new tools that will allow us to work more efficiently. An avid cyclist, Daniel prefers to hit the ground running on two-wheels as opposed to four.


Gustavo Costa

Visualization Artist . Production manager

Gustavo started his career in Interior Design, but fell in love with architectural visualization after seeing the demo-reel of another artist. For the past ten years he has dedicated his career to arch vis and specializes in script development, post production and project management. In his spare time Gustavo enjoys photography, scuba diving and the Afro-Brazilian martial art of Capoeira.


Amauri Castro

Senior Visualization Artist

In a past life Amauri was a graphic designer, but has spent the last 11 years honing his skills in architectural visualization. Amauri’s strengths are modeling, scene optimization and 3ds Max best practices, but what he particularly enjoys is working on landscaping and vegetation. After work you’ll find Amauri building computers, playing chess and poker, tending to his fish tanks and of course, spending quality time with his family.


Herlano Silva

Senior Visualization Artist

Herlano studied graphic design in college, but he quickly fell in love with 3D visualization. This led him to Rio De Janeiro for five years, where he worked for a couple of large visualization companies before finding his role with The Rapid Eye Movement. Herlano particularly enjoys working with material creation, light, post production and interior visualization. When not on the computer you’ll find Herlano studying his other love, cinema.