University District Interactive Display

Client: West Campus Development Trust

Our client, West Campus Development Trust, came to us to brainstorm, design and manufacture an interactive display to showcase their ambitious development - University District. 

What we came up with for the centerpiece of the community discovery center is a hybrid between a traditional architectural model and an interactive media wall . The display consists of eight commercial grade monitors, multiple computers, a custom designed model table and media wall surround (which includes wood harvested from the site), 52 synchronized CG animations and a custom app to control it all through an iPad.  

The unique nature of the display and it's blend of analog and digital formats - the old and the new architectural visualization, won us an Ember Award for Innovation as well as a nomination in the 2017 International Architectural 3D Awards.

It displays four main vignettes to educate and entertain - residential living, public spaces, site amenities and site connectivity. When a user chooses a vignette, or specific site detail within it, the table highlights the location below the corresponding opaque scale model on the living map, along with pertinent textual information. The viewer is then directed to the media wall where CG animations will play, visualizing the future state of the community and ending with specific information on each vignette.

A key feature of the display is that it will change with the community as it grows - new CG animations of each development will be added so that it is always interesting and fresh for its visitors.

UD Interactive Display 1.JPG
UD Interactive Display 2.png
UD Interactive Display 4.png
UD Interactive Display 3.png
UD Interactive Display 6.png